Since the establishment of this website we have received a lot of interest from local companies and those that are abroad. Many have expressed the desire to work with us to advance the site as well as showing an interest in becoming a partner or affiliate. Thus we have created this page whereby you can submit any ideas or proposals with regards to your company working together with ours to create a better website.

The hope is that by gaining partners involved in the various aspects of our
trade we will further refine and improve our website making it even more useful
to the average visitor. Business stand a lot to gain from the various traffic
that is drawn to the site and it is hoped that in the end everyone using or
associated with this website will have a lot to gain.

If you would like to submit any ideas or proposals about working together with
us, please do not hesitate to contact us. We
will process your inquiry as quickly as possible and you can rest assured that
all information given to us is treated confidentially in accordance with our
Privacy Policy.

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