The History of Music Through the Ages

Music through the ages has had many varied faces and it would be impossible to mention them all in this brief section. It most likely started with the simple singing of songbirds, which is most often pleasant to the ear. Humans probably quickly realized their capability to hum and sing and not much later the first instruments probably surfaced.

Some instruments have been around for centuries – such as the drum and the harp. Known examples of these have survived in either literature or in existing relics which are now proudly displayed in museums. Over time, man’s love for the intricacies of sound has grown and this resulted in more complicated instruments. The lute was popular in earlier times, but soon the more subtle sounds of the guitar took preference. In Europe, the harpsichord started to emerge with subsequent improvements until the common piano and grand piano of today emerged. Flutes, piccolos and other wind instruments have also been around for hundreds of years. All of this is evidence of just how much music has always influenced the lives of mankind through the centuries.