Getting a Music Deal

Your music is great and things are going well, so you decide you would like to get a record deal. provides you with some advice on how to get a record deal. The most important factor in being recognised by an A&R person is to do what you can to promote yourself. Take the initiative. It is going to be a lot of hard work to get a record deal, but you are more likely to be noticed if you have created your own hype and are not relying on others when it comes to business.

Make arrangements to perform where A&R people can be found. Take advantage of the media by speaking to DJs, journalists and so on. Find out what type of music the record company is into. Make enquiries as to whom you should send your publicity material. If you have a gig coming up, give the A&R company a call beforehand and let them know. There are companies available that will assist you in getting a record deal. They will showcase your music and create compilation albums to be sent to A&R companies.

The phone rings its an A&R person requesting more material! Youre a step closer to getting that record deal. Send material promptly and invite the individual to every gig. When you arrange a meeting prepare yourself to answer questions on your goals, influences and career progression.

Eventually you may be offered a record deal. Make sure you have a good lawyer. Your lawyer or manager may inform other record companies of your offer and try to start a bidding war. Look at all what is offered to you not only money, and consider which company is most likely to appreciate your personal creativity. Your lawyer will engage in negotiations with the lawyers of the record company. Finally, you will sign the record deal.

Get everyone in the band, family and friends involved in the promotion of your band. Do not be disappointed if it takes time to be noticed by A&R personnel, they are constantly receiving a barrage of demos. However, if you work hard and stand out from the crowd you are bound to get noticed and get that record deal.


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