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  • New Age

    In discussing New Age music, it is very difficult to classify since the term can refer to many things. Many conservative groups believe that it refers to music inspired from the New Age, a movement of spirituality that isn't really an official organized religion. These same groups will generally shun this New Age music because they fear it will influence listeners into the New Age movement, ...

  • Alternative

    Alternative is an umbrella term that refers to an age of music spanning from the late-1980s to the mid-1990s. Yahoo music has a station devoted to '80s alternative, but these bands were not considered alternative in their day. Groups of this particular type had a following, but were often ignored for more established, money-making pop artists. Yet, some of them, such as the now-famous R.E.M. ...

  • Contemporary

    It is difficult to define the term Contemporary Christian music, but most seem to narrow it down to artists who profess Christ openly, and sing music that is filled with gospel themes.

  • Publicists

    What is a publicist and how can a publicist help you as an up and coming artist or band? A publicist is a person who has the task of promoting artists and bands. Publicists are also responsible for creating and maintaining an artist or band's public image to encourage interest and increase album sales.