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  • Publicists

    What is a publicist and how can a publicist help you as an up and coming artist or band? A publicist is a person who has the task of promoting artists and bands. Publicists are also responsible for creating and maintaining an artist or band's public image to encourage interest and increase album sales.

  • Band Agreements

    Even if all the members of a band are friends it is better to have a signed band agreement in case of future disputes and simply to ensure the best running of the band. What is a band agreement? It is a contract between all members of the band stating how business is going to be conducted and provides a set of conditions to which members agree to adhere.

  • Getting a Music Deal

    Your music is great and things are going well, so you decide you would like to get a record deal. Musicians.com provides you with some advice on how to get a record deal. The most important factor in being recognised by an A&R person is to do what you can to promote yourself. Take the initiative. It is going to be a lot of hard work to get a record deal, but you are more likely to be noticed ...

  • Make Your Cd

    Are ready to make your own CD? Consider what your goal is and this will help you decide what your budget, timeframe and so on should be. There are different reasons as to why you would make a CD. A live demo CD is created to give a realistic representation of the music to a promoter or agent. Practise is therefore vital. You may be making a CD as a songwriter's demo. A Songwriter's demo ...