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  • Heavy Metal

    Everyone is pretty familiar with the often satirized image of heavy metal. Speedy beat, strong electronic guitar riffs, and an over-emphasis on volume. As far as its name goes, some have attributed it to the works of William S. Burroughs, but most will say the origin lies in Steppenwolf's classic song "Born To Be Wild" in a verse that said "Heavy Metal Thunder".

  • Funk

    Funk is an offshoot of R&B music that emphasized the finer points of Jazz and Soul. One of the greatest influences of funk was the new emphasis on the bass guitar, an instrument hardly used in rock bands of that era, but now a requirement. Especially common in funk songs was the use of the slap bass technique, a style that is generally credited to Larry Graham of Sly and the Family Stone.

  • Grunge

    The term Grunge was coined by Mark Arm, who later formed the popular group MudHoney in an attempt to describe this type of music. This term is often used synonymously with alternative music, but that is actually an entirely different genre altogether. Grunge is characterized by its strong guitar, deliberate distortion, and angst-ridden lyrics.

  • On Stage

    Since the beginning of mankind, music has been very much a part of our lives. The ability to beat out a simple sound on drums or to whistle a tune, hum or sing has brought a sense of enjoyment to people all around the world for many thousands of years. The fact that this one simple delight can be found in its various forms in virtually every national group and corner of the ...

  • Rock 'n Roll

    Rock and Roll is a generic term, and can refer to music such as R&B, soul, funk, punk, heavy metal, hip-hop, alternative, grunge, and more. The term itself was originally coined by a Cleveland DJ, and was used to describe a new sound of music that featured a strong back beat and electric guitars.

  • Classical

    Classical music is a term used to refer to music which stems from learned traditions and which is taught through institutions. Classical music is broken up into six eras. The music of these eras share common aspects of style in a time period. Furthermore, it can be seen that classical music was influenced by changes in culture and society. The eras of classical music are: the Middle ages, ...

  • Blues

    The Blues has its roots in African-American folksongs, adding in some European melodies. It is usually played with guitar, banjo, and the harmonica using techniques from other genres, such as the gospel technique of call-and-response, and the trademark 12-bar rhythm. Blues lyrics lean toward soul-searching and bearing grievances, striking a chord in many listeners. An often popular, even ...

  • Equipment

    The instrument you play and activities you are engaged in will affect the equipment you require. Acoustic instruments require very little equipment. In the case of an acoustic guitar it may just be a plectrum. Electric instruments will require equipment such as cables, amplifiers, monitors and so on.