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  • R&B

    Like many music genres, the term of Rhythm and Blues is an umbrella term that covers a variety of music, referring to the rhythm of the backbeat that was influenced by rock and roll, while the chord changes were reminiscent of the blues. R&B’s origins can be rooted in jazz, blues, and gospel.

  • Reggae

    Jamaican Reggae is a product of both R&B and Ska. As was the case with Ska, some have said that Jamaican music was the direct result of bad radio reception. Even though there is no evidence to support this, some have said that Jamaicans would attempt to imitate the R&B and Rock and Roll music on their radios, and their attempts ended up with a distinct beat all unto itself. This was the ...

  • Soul Music

    Soul often refers to the sound that stemmed from the commercialization of the R&B industry. Record companies such as Motown Records capitalized on audiences wanting a distinct sound that consisted of harder rhythms.