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  • Music Law

    Music law involves the legal concepts, rules, regulations, case law and legal principles which apply to the creation, production, marketing and distribution of music. The types of items considered under music law are deals, contracts, music copyright laws, agencies and rights.

  • Equipment

    The instrument you play and activities you are engaged in will affect the equipment you require. Acoustic instruments require very little equipment. In the case of an acoustic guitar it may just be a plectrum. Electric instruments will require equipment such as cables, amplifiers, monitors and so on.

  • Voice Training

    There are many people who have a natural singing ability, and whether you are one of them or not, voice training can help you to reach your full potential and will also teach you the best way to use your voice to safeguard it. The techniques used for voice training may vary from teacher to teacher, and you may want to explore your options to find out which works best for you. Voice ...

  • Video Production

    Music videos are an effective marketing device used to promote bands/artists and to sell recordings. Video production is the service of generating a complete video according to a musicians requirements, creating works of arts, by means of clever imagery and story telling.

  • Recording Studios

    The recording studio is the place where the magic of music come alive. In general a music studio has an area for creating recordings and a control room where sounds are recorded and modified. Music is produced in recording studios to attain the optimal sound. Isolation booths are well sound-proofed to prevent any interference. Recording studio equipment includes microphones to amplify the ...

  • Marketing

    Do you need to promote your band? Are you going to be performing at a local venue and want everyone to know about it? Do you have an album launch coming up and want to advertise it? An effective way to attract attention is by making use of poster and printing services.

  • Music Promotion

    In a technologically advanced world what better way to promote your music than online? Many musicians are turning to the world-wide web for exposure and as a distribution channel. This can be done through community sites or by creating your own online website. By taking advantage of online promotion thousands of people will have access to your music. This may require you to place free MP3s ...