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  • Band Agreements

    Even if all the members of a band are friends it is better to have a signed band agreement in case of future disputes and simply to ensure the best running of the band. What is a band agreement? It is a contract between all members of the band stating how business is going to be conducted and provides a set of conditions to which members agree to adhere.

  • Rap and Hip Hop

    Hip Hop and Rap, terms that are often used interchangeably, usually center around the urban culture of the inner city. Many say that hip hop borrows from the DJ or MC approach to song-playing, famed for calling out, turntabling, and beatboxing. Hip hop evolved from African-American music, including R&B, Soul, Funk, and even Disco.

  • Blues

    The Blues has its roots in African-American folksongs, adding in some European melodies. It is usually played with guitar, banjo, and the harmonica using techniques from other genres, such as the gospel technique of call-and-response, and the trademark 12-bar rhythm. Blues lyrics lean toward soul-searching and bearing grievances, striking a chord in many listeners. An often popular, even ...

  • Gospel

    The term gospel is a reference to the 'good news' of salvation, but outside Christian circles, it is a reference to a musical style that takes its roots from African-American Christian celebrations. The style, with its fast beats and call-and-response was used for those who would share and testify at churches in the American South.

  • Pop

    The "pop" of Pop music is, more than likely, an abbreviation for popular music. Unlike much rock music, whose lyrics tend to be very anti-establishment, even outright nihilistic, pop music generally focuses on having fun. Themes are generally about dancing and partying and essentially living the good life, but occasionally, the subject matter can be more serious. Generally, pop songs are ...