Tag: soundtrack

  • Disco

    The image of Disco is forever immortalized in the Saturday Night Fever movie poster as John Travolta struck the famous 'disco pose'. The film glamorized the disco culture as an era where leisure-suit clad men danced their way from one discotheque to another, looking for romantic adventure. Disco received its name from these clubs that played nothing but dance music, with or without lyrics.

  • Bluegrass

    Bluegrass was shifted into the spotlight with the release of the Coen Brothers film 'O Brother, Where Art Thou'. Despite the use of Bluegrass music that saturated its soundtrack, the film itself was set in the depression, a time period when it was unlikely that Bluegrass was played. Although it is difficult to say exactly when Bluegrass was created, many agree that it started after World War ...

  • Video Production

    Music videos are an effective marketing device used to promote bands/artists and to sell recordings. Video production is the service of generating a complete video according to a musicians requirements, creating works of arts, by means of clever imagery and story telling.