Musicians and Travel

Traveling is oftentimes a major part of the musical industry. Musicians, bands, groups and orchestras sometimes travel overseas to entertain their audiences.

People who follow musicians and bands around the world on tours are known as groupies. Groupies follow every detail in musicians’ lives. Some people feel that groupies are people who are totally obsessed with their stars or celebrities. But other say that a groupie is just a person whose devotion to a person, usually a celebrity, approaches a level of fanaticism.

Winona Ryder, Courtney Love, Yoko Ono and Sable Starr are probably the most
famous groupies of all time.

Recording artists will often travel with bands and musical groups to record
their live performances and sell copies of it. Artists will often go on world
tours, as it is very profitable, and it gives them the perfect opportunity to
perform in front of a live audience and it also provides them with a lot of
exposure to the market.

Some world tours and music festivals are only held for charity, such as the
46664 concert, the funds of which went to people and children with AIDS.