Classical Musicians React: NCT 127 ‘Chain’ vs ‘Simon Says’

For the 83rd reaction video of Season 3 of this series, classical and jazz musicians react to NCT 127's Chain and Simon Says. Yes there may be other reactions uploaded to YT of Chain Jpn ver., but you never know if Jpn copyright may swoop in unexpectedly a few months to a few years after posting the video, and then we would loose the full reaction. I don't want to take an chances. Plus, our channel is Reacttothe K not Reacttothe J. Watch Chain Jpn ver here: Watch Simon Says here: See whats new with CMR Season 3 here: *CMR Reaction Schedule: *Will not react to list: *Support us on Patreon and get extra access to videos you’ll never see on YT: Send us things! P.O. BOX 14933 ROCHESTER, NY 14614-1119 --------------------- ~Channel instagram: @reacttothek_official ~ Channel twitter: @reacttothek ~ Channel tumblr: ~ Channel Facebook: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Video edited by Umu Filmed by Jordan Moore (YouTube: and Umu Script written by So Jeong Shim and Umu Intro design by Alex Chen (website: Thumbnail by Nozomi Murayama (IG: @nonchanyuzuru) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow the ReacttotheK squad and keep up-to-date with our lives: Umu: IG: @_emcha_ Tumblr: attack-on-dango, omg-horns, kpop-favs Stephen: Instagram: @stephenmorrisdrums Seiji: Instagram: @seiyamashita Twitter: @seiyamashita3 Isaac: IG: Kevin: Twitter: @nerdymusicks YouTube: nerdymusicks IG: @nerdymusick Elizabeth: IG: @ElizabethReacts James: IG: @jamesfhorn Fiona: IG+ twitter: @fifidoghorn Lindsey: IG + twitter: @lamusicstudio Peyton: Instagram and Twitter: @pjohnzzz Tumblr: Charlotte: Instagram: charmander_97 Her cat’s instagram: monty_le_chat_noir