Rumors About Musicians That Turned Out To Be True

If your life is filled with money and groupies and fame, at some point people will start spreading fake stories about you. But with all the crazy gossip out there, here are some rumors about musicians that actually turned out to be true. For some reason, frustrated creatives sometimes turn violent. What if the Beach Boys had appreciated Charles Manson's abilities as a songwriter? It might not have helped, but who knows? SF Gate reports that Manson desperately wanted to be famous, and after becoming friends with the Beach Boys' drummer Dennis Wilson in 1968, they started collaborating. Finally, the Beach Boys agreed to buy Manson's song "Cease to Exist." Manson's one stipulation was they couldn't change it at all. But Wilson did, heavily, and changed the title to "Never Learn Not to Love." The song ended up as a B-side. The reason some people don't believe this story is that Manson's name didn't appear on the record. Wilson took full credit for the song, and Manson was furious. One songwriter claims Manson approached Wilson and basically threatened to kill his children. Instead of being terrified, Wilson allegedly beat the crap out of Manson. That was the end of Manson's music career. A year later, his followers killed Sharon Tate and four others. Watch the video for more Rumors About Musicians That Turned Out To Be True! #Rumors #Musicians #BeachBoys The Beach Boys and Charles Manson | 0:12 Rihanna and Wall Street | 1:14 Kanye's car accident | 2:26 Billy Joel and "real fans" | 3:53 The "good side" of divas | 4:54 Door-to-door Prince | 6:04 Tupac's ashes | 7:34 Elvis's insults | 8:55