Where to Shop for Musical Instruments, Music and other Music products

You may be looking to buy a musical instrument, or perhaps a book on playing the violin, but you don't know where to look. Where to Shop will provide a brief overview of where various musical products can be found.

Equipment: Most music stores will stock a variety of music equipment such as microphones, amplifiers, monitors, mixers and more. Certain brands will have their own stores. Second-hand equipment can be found in newspapers and second-hand stores.

Books and Sheet music: These are typically sold in music stores. Books on various music related topics can be purchased at your local book store.

Merchandise: Merchandise is available in a variety of places. Look out at festivals and music concerts for funky memorabilia and products.

CDs, DVDs etc.: Wide varieties of CDs and DVDs can be bought in CD shops and in some supermarkets. Beware of purchasing CDs and DVDs from hawkers as these are usually pirated and thus illegal.

Software: Software for home recording systems and other uses can be purchased from computer stores, some music stores and from software suppliers themselves.

There are numerous online stores offering music products and services. From merchandise, to equipment, to instruments, you are bound to find what you seek online. Visit the Musicians.com Shopping Mall for exciting musical products or the Business Links page for links to companies who can assist you with what you require.