15th Annual MTV Europe Music Awards

Perhaps one of the only complaints many people might have had about this year’s MTV Europe Music Awards is that a lot of the recipients weren’t from Europe. Nevertheless, the star-studded night was one to be remembered and most of the recipients were completely worthy of their accolades.

The most noteworthy Music Award recipient was probably Sir Paul McCartney, former member of The Beatles. McCartney received the ‘Ultimate Legend’ award and, after so many successful years in the music industry, no better choice could have been made. He received the award in his home city of Liverpool and it was presented to him Bono from U2, who commented that McCartney’s work was ‘immortal’. Upon receiving the trophy, McCartney commented: “Many years ago four little boys were born here in Liverpool and we went on to do quite well.” That little understatement no doubt brought about a few chuckles from the audience. He then went on to pay tribute to his “mates Ringo, George and John.” This isn’t the first time McCartney has received a noteworthy accolade, but at 66 years of age he no longer spends too much time in the limelight.

McCartney wasn’t the only older musician to receive an award. Rick Astley, a pop star from the eighties, was given the ‘Best Act Ever’ award. American’s who were honored at the event included Britney Spears who got the Best Act of 2008 and Album of the Year awards, and Pink who was given the ‘Most Addictive Track’ prize. Britney’s celebrated album was ‘Blackout’. She could not attend in person but made use of a video link to express her thanks. Pink’s winning track was ‘So What’, from which she borrowed a line for her opening speech. U.S. group 30 Seconds From Mars was also honored with the Rock Out award, while their ‘A Beautiful Life’ video was chosen for the Video Star award. Other MTV Europe Music Award recipients were Katy Perry (Best New Act), Kanye West (Ultimate Urban), Tokio Hotel (Headliner), Lil Wayne (Artists’ Choice), Emre Aydin (Europe’s Favorite Act). The 15th annual MTV Europe Music Awards took place Thursday, 6 November 2008.