The Music Industry

The music industry is big business. A talented musician with the right agent can make a lot of money for himself. Of course, there is a lot more involved than just making money, but the rewards can be very sweet. Besides amassing a small fortune, the musician or singer can became famous - perhaps even on a worldwide scale - and meet many other famous people. Many are attracted into the world of music by this lure of fame and fortune rather than the desire to share their musical talents with others.

Unfortunately, with the availability of modern computers and technology, many hard working musicians are being deprived of their money by CD pirates. These technological whizzes are able to quickly and efficiently make replicas of the original CDs and sell them at a discount price to the public. This means that the musician may find himself struggling to pay financial obligations such as repaying his promoters, his agent and his recording studio for their services. Pirated CDs put musicians at a serious disadvantage and true fans – no matter how poor – would do their best to obtain original copies of the CD instead of buying or making pirated copies. This does not seem to stop these music thieves however, as the pirated music industry grows year by year; nor does the efforts of relative government officials to stamp out this kind of crime.

In an effort to counter-act this theft, many top music groups have taken to embracing the Internet as a way to offer their music to their followers. Downloads of particular songs have become an invaluable promotional tool. They also include special additional features on the CDs to make sure they stay an attractive alternative to purchasing pirated goods. Some music agents have even come up with a way to stop a CD from being copied to a PC hard drive. Unfortunately with the ever-growing popularity of creating MP3s from CDs to enjoy personal music at work or in other settings, this has its drawbacks. The loss on sales has also lead to more live concerts. A live show is one thing that definitely cannot be copied or sold without the musician’s permission.