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Musicians.com was created for artists, fans and music industry businesses and professionals as an online community and dynamic social networking site offering electronic commerce solutions, original articles, classified ads, discussion forums, and member profile resources. We also provide the tools and resources that promote bands, artist, as well as their music to local and international audiences.

Musicians.com has been in continuous operation since May, 1995 when it was originally created as an online music community and shopping guide for musicians who were seeking specific information about the Music Industry as well as access to competitive prices on new and used musical equipment.

Over the years thousands of musicians and visitors have posted messages about a variety of subjects about music on our forums and Discussion Boards. We have offered aspiring musicians, song writers, lyricists, and performers the opportunity to post messages to other musicians in major cities throughout North America and Europe. One of our objectives was to facilitate their searches for new band members and business opportunities in the music business.

We designed this site to server as a community focused resource for world-wide audiences and musicians so they could gain information about the music business, collaborate with fellow musicians, and have an unbiased, digital platform to exhibit their talents and distribute their music.

Throughout the years, our editorial team and gracious writers began contributing their original content and lending their expertise in support of our birding community. Together they created and maintained the many hundreds of pages of original content appearing on this website including photos, articles, discussion boards and general resources with the goal of promoting a better understanding of birds while encouraging others to join in our support of the protection, safely, and proper care of these amazing creature.

We are pleased to provide the best of breed site about Music for all types of Musicians and those who are interested in a breadth of subjects and topics relating to Music. We feature forum and downloads for MP3 music, jazz music, soul music, Classical music, Christmas music, Indian music, Holiday Music, Country Music, Rock Music, Classical Music, Rap Music, Gospel, R and B, Hip Hop and Dance Music for all musical interests.

For those aspiring artists that are seeking to record their first CD or audition for a music or recording contract, we provide a number of resources designed to familiarize you and your band members with the Ins and Outs of the music business by way of our Legal Forum. In these sections, and as a member of Musicians.com, you will have access to databases of recording companies, music resources, musical equipment, concert schedules, news and other highlights featuring celebrity and aspiring musicians.

Whether you are a frequent member, occasional visitor, or new to this site, we hope that you enjoy our resources and information and visit us again soon as we continue adding fresh content and community features to this site.

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