Exceptional Performances at Oxford May Music

As an enjoyable addition to other May Day celebrations in the city of Oxford, Oxford May Music has been established to provide a brilliant outlet for the musical talents of the city. Though the festival is still relatively new, it is based in an age-old city centre that seems to perfectly compliment the timelessness of music.

The activities of Oxford May Music take place in the architecturally stunning Holywell Music Room, which dates back to the 18th century. The room is known for having some of the best acoustics in the world and so it is the perfect venue for such an event. It is here during the month of May that some of the United Kingdom’s finest young musicians will gather to perform in front of a large and appreciative audience. The music styles enjoyed during Oxford May Music will vary greatly and the musical program has been put together in such a way that it presents the strengths of each performer in the most favorable way possible.

But there is more to the festival than just musical recitations and concerts. A wide variety of lectures from various, internationally renowned speakers will also be given. While many of these will be related to music, others will explore the various facets of literature or even science. Hence the event will be a delightfully educational day for all in attendance.

So while the rest of the town engages in joyous, age-old fertility-based revelries in the tower of Magdalen College from sunrise on, music lovers will be getting themselves ready to attend the Oxford May Music festival for very cultural experience. They will look forward to seeing the likes of Adrian Brendel, Richard Harwood, Piers Lane, the Elias String Quartet, Jack Liebeck, Charles Owen, Simon Rowland-Jones, Fibonacci Sequence and Ashley Wass at this prestigious musical event. So why not join in with these enjoyable festivities? Whether you prefer the bright colors of the maypole dance or want to simply sit and enjoy the delightful melodies of the music played at the Holywell Music Room, you can be sure that Oxford’s May Day celebrations will be worth remembering!