Steve Howe – More than Just an Ordinary Guitar Player – Musicians

Although already an accomplished musician and sought guitar player in the late 1960’s with bands like BODAST, it was during his on-again/off-again/on-again stint as the lead guitarist for YES that brought Steve Howe his greatest claim to fame.

Changing time-signatures, meandering compositions that lasted 15 minutes or more, and a touring schedule that would drop most musicians to their knees, Howe proved to welcome the challenge as he collaborated with YES on their most viable works during progressive rock’s heyday in the early to late 70’s.

Tunes such as Roundabout, Close to the Edge and Going for the One all benefit for Howe’s lead guitar and have earmarked him as one of rock and roll’s true guitar pioneers.

A musician of amazing versatility, Howe anchored the YES sound along with bass player Chris Squire and soldiered on with YES until they temporarily disbanded in 1980.

Three times voted as Guitar Player Magazine’s “Guitarist of the Year”, Howe continues to split his time between YES music and personal projects such as the ASIA 25th Anniversary Reunion.