Bruno Missone – Inspired by Aviation

Bruno Misonne is a composer from Belgium who has created a unique concept in music, blending airplane sounds and air traffic control communications with his musical compositions. This new genre of music based on aviation has been well received by listeners.

When Bruno Misonne first started to work on this unusual style of music, he focused on dance or techno tracks. He has recently decided to move away from the dance and techno influence, moving toward specializing in film music. He is inspired by composers such as James Dooley from America and Hans Zimmer from Germany, both of whom have received recognition for their abilities as composers for films.

The release of the compilation CD “Aviation Music” is the culmination of a number of years of recordings. The CD consists of twelve tracks with titles such as “Aerobatics”, “Airbus A-380 Deep Freeze Testing”, “Early Morning Landing at Heathrow” and “Johannesburg Airport Tower Party”. The sounds of aircraft from different periods of time are blended with classical type film score arrangements which harmonize in an unexpected way. Even those who do not share Bruno Misonne’s love for aviation are enjoying this album, recognizing the value of the superb production of this ingenious concept.

This composer has many ideas for the future and is constantly working on his music with the aid of state-of-the-art computer technology. Living in Wavre, Belgium, Bruno is about ten miles away from a large airport – another source of inspiration to him. Music is so much a part of his life that he finds himself building a full orchestra in his head while busy with other tasks and one of the tracks on his album was created while working in his garden.

He has recently signed a contract with the company “Airutopia” which produces films devoted to aviation in all its forms and from all around the world, including major airports, air shows, military and civil aircraft – past and present. No doubt the unique music of Bruno Misonne will enhance the already popular films released by Airutopia.

With airplanes and air travel being an integral part of everyday life, it seems that Bruno Misonne has chosen the perfect instrument in the composition of his unique music. Clearly for Bruno Misonne, not even the sky is the limit.