Michael Jackson – Live in London

The extremely reclusive and controversial Michael Jackson made a startling announcement in March this year, which sent his loyal fans into frenzy. It was a moment all Michael Jackson enthusiasts had been waiting for, for years, and it seems that their patience has finally paid off, with a ten date concert being planned at the O2 Arena in London, this July. It is also an announcement that has been met with as much skepticism, as it has generated excitement.

The King of Pop, as Jackson is affectionately known, last performed a full live concert in 2005, only briefly appearing for what was described as a disappointing performance, a the 2006 World Music Awards. At the conference, making the announcement of his concert appearances, Michael Jackson seemed excited and ready to once again grace the stage and entertain his fans. Bookmakers are seizing the opportunity to wager on if Michael Jackson will complete the ten day concert dates, amidst rumors of ailing health and financial woes. But for die-hard Michael Jackson fans, the reasons for his return to the stage make no difference, as long as they are able to see their hero in action.

Michael Jackson also announced that the concert will be his last performance in London, which suggested that retirement might be a possibility for this major star, even though many celebrities in the music industry have returned for a comeback after retirement. It is also rumored that if the first ten shows are sold out, another fifteen shows could be added to the lineup. The first concert will take place on the 8th of July, in front of approximately twenty thousand screaming fans. With this concert being the last time Jackson will perform live in concert, in London, ticket sales have skyrocketed as fans from all over the world clamor to secure their place at the O2 Arena. At the March conference, many supporters waited peacefully for the King of Pop to make an appearance, leaving them with these words: “I just want to say, these will be my final show performances in London. This will be it, when I say this is it I really mean this is it. I’ll be performing the songs my fans want to hear, this is it, I mean this is the final curtain call, ok?”