Wonderboom – Rocking South Africa

Wonderboom is one of South Africa’s most popular rock bands. They have truly made a name for themselves as musicians through their unique rock music, as well as their brightly coloured stages and the energy that they put into their shows.

Wonderboom was started when two groups, the Eight Legged Groove Machine, and, The Electric Petals, came together to form ‘The Electric Petal Groove Machine’. The newly formed band consisted of Wade Williams on bass, Danny de Wet on drums, Martin Schofield on vocals and guitar and Martin “Cito” Otto on guitar and vocals. The first project that the band members of The Electric Petal Groove Machine took on was a tour… that would last for only one week. They took this opportunity to practice and define their sound as a newly formed group.

Soon after the tour was completed, The Electric Petal Groove Machine was offered a chance to perform live for the whole of South Africa on television. They performed on the show “The People Of The South”, which was hosted by the well-known entertainer Dali Thambo. Things did not stop there for the newly formed group as they were next asked to perform the opening act for the international Scottish band ‘Simple Minds’, a popular rock group in the 1980’s and 1990’s.

In 1997 the group underwent a name change from The Electric Petal Groove Machine to the name Wonderboom. Cito, the lead singer of the band, changed the group’s name when he saw a road sign in the Free State with the name Wonderboom. He felt that not only was the name shorter but it was unique – just like the band.

After a lot of hard work, Wonderboom finally released their first album in 1998, which they financed themselves. The album was called ‘Is It?’ and was made up of six tracks, which included their hit song “Green Fever”. “Jafta Rebel”, “No Left Stone Unturned” and “She Cries” were some of the other songs featured on the debut album.

After Wonderboom joined the David Gresham Record Company in 1999, they brought out their next album ‘Never Ever Ever Ever’. Then in 2002, Wonderboom brought out their third album called, ‘Rewind’, which was made up of classic songs produced by other musicians, which Wonderboom then reinvented. A year later, in 2003, ‘Tell Someone Who Cares’ was released. Then in 2004 Wonderboom brought out a six-track album called, ‘Hoekom?’, which pays tribute to Afrikaans songwriters and singers.

If you get the opportunity, be sure to attend a local performance by Wonderboom, as you won’t be disappointed!