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  • 2010 MTV Africa Music Awards

    On 11 December 2010 the MTV Africa Music Awards were hosted at the Eko Expo Hall in Lagos, Nigeria. Artists such as Fally Ipupa took home two trophies from his four nominations, as did ...

  • Research Reveals Interesting Trend in Music Pirating Dilemma

    A recent research study by the MCPS-PRS Alliance revealed that, even when music is available to download at no charge via an official website, the majority of fans still choose to download ...

  • Country Music Legend Willie Nelson

    The recent 56th annual Grammy Awards saw country legends Kris Kristofferson, Merle Haggard and Willie Nelson, along with younger vintage country star Blake Shelton, take to the stage to ...

  • New BLO Music Director

    Founded in the year 1976, the Boston Lyric Opera has become a vital part of New England's history and tradition, and is one of the most well known opera companies in the USA. The Citi ...

  • The Live Earth Concert – Saving the Planet Through Music

    There are hundreds of thousands of people who not only have a passion for music but who also care about the earth’s environment and how it is being affected by global warming. The Live Earth ...

  • Celebrating Worldwide Music Day

    Set to take place on 21 June 2014 – the day of the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, Worldwide Music Day events are planned in 520 cities around the world. Thanks to musicians, ...

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  • Online Resources for Musicians

    Directory listing for "Musicians". Please contact us if you wish to be listed here.

  • Privacy Policy for Musicians.com

    At Musicians.com it is our intent to give you as much control as possible over your privacy in regard to your personal information and the use we make of it in the course of our business. In general, you can visit Musicians.com on the Web without telling us who you are or revealing any information about yourself.

  • Music and the Law for Musicians

    Music law involves the legal concepts, rules, regulations, case law and legal principles which apply to the creation, production, marketing and distribution of music. The types of items considered under music law are deals, contracts, music copyright laws, agencies and rights.

  • Find Musicians to Join Your Band

    Whether you're an agent looking guide new talent to success or you're just looking to book a band, use our Find Musicians page to find the artist or artists for you. We strive to create an environment whereby people can contact existing musicians and set up gigs and shows that are beneficial to both parties.

  • Musicians Guide to Reggae Music

    Jamaican Reggae is a product of both R&B and Ska. As was the case with Ska, some have said that Jamaican music was the direct result of bad radio reception. Even though there is no evidence to support this, some have said that Jamaicans would attempt to imitate the R&B and Rock and Roll music on their radios, and their attempts ended up with a distinct beat all unto itself. This was the ...

  • On Stage Music Performances

    Since the beginning of mankind, music has been very much a part of our lives. The ability to beat out a simple sound on drums or to whistle a tune, hum or sing has brought a sense of enjoyment to people all around the world for many thousands of years. The fact that this one simple delight can be found in its various forms in virtually every national group and corner of the ...


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