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  • Experience Music Project Interactive Museum

    Standing outside the building of the Experience Music Project, also referred to as EMP, one has to wonder if the structure itself is the exhibition, or is there more to come? And there ...

  • Hop Farm Festival 2010

    Hop Farm is located in Paddock Wood, Kent, in the United Kingdom, and is currently getting ready to host the third Hop Farm Festival. Its previous success has led to the organizing of yet ...

  • New Digital Sound Separator Demonstrated

    For decades people in the computer-music business believed that it was impossible to separate and modify the individual notes of a recorded chord. However, Peter Neubäcker has done just that.

  • Musicians: James Blunt – The Rebirth of Falsetto

    James Blunt, real name James Hiller Blount, was raised in Tidworth, Wiltshire, England. Even though he learned to play certain instruments at an early age, he did not learn about bands such as ...

  • Exceptional Performances at Oxford May Music

    As an enjoyable addition to other May Day celebrations in the city of Oxford, Oxford May Music has been established to provide a brilliant outlet for the musical talents of the city. Though ...

  • Top Acts Performing at 2009 Sasquatch! Music Festival

    Most people associate the legendary and mythical sasquatch or yeti with the Himalayas. However, people living in Washington, more often than not think of something else when the word ...

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  • Posters and Printing for Music Promotion

    Do you need to promote your band? Are you going to be performing at a local venue and want everyone to know about it? Do you have an album launch coming up and want to advertise it? An effective way to attract attention is by making use of poster and printing services.

  • Musicians Guide to Pop Music

    The "pop" of Pop music is, more than likely, an abbreviation for popular music. Unlike much rock music, whose lyrics tend to be very anti-establishment, even outright nihilistic, pop music generally focuses on having fun. Themes are generally about dancing and partying and essentially living the good life, but occasionally, the subject matter can be more serious. Generally, pop songs are ...

  • Member Center for Musicians

    If you've joined the Musicians.com community the very next step you'll likely want to take is to visit the Member Center. This is where is all happens - the place where you can chat about music issues on the forum or rant about a recent experience that outraged you. In the future, the Member Center will also feature a trade board and a shopping mall so that you can use the website as a ...

  • Classifieds for Musicians and Music Fans

  • Musicians Guide to Rap and Hip-Hop Music

    Hip Hop and Rap, terms that are often used interchangeably, usually center around the urban culture of the inner city. Many say that hip hop borrows from the DJ or MC approach to song-playing, famed for calling out, turntabling, and beatboxing. Hip hop evolved from African-American music, including R&B, Soul, Funk, and even Disco.

  • Please Sign Our Guestbook

    If you've enjoyed visiting us why not take the time out to sign our guestbook? It is great to hear from users what they think of our site and to know when they visited us. We appreciate any feedback about the website but if you have a lot to say, the forum page is a much better place to express your views. It only takes a minute to sign our guestbook so go ahead and tell us how much you've ...


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