Recording Studios

The recording studio is the place where the magic of music come alive. In general a music studio has an area for creating recordings and a control room where sounds are recorded and modified. Music is produced in recording studios to attain the optimal sound. Isolation booths are well sound-proofed to prevent any interference. Recording studio equipment includes microphones to amplify the sound, a multi-track recorder which allows the components of a song to be recorded separately and then layered, a mixing console to change the tone or level of music, a digital audio workstation to record sound and edit it, compressors, reverbs and equalizers to improve the quality.

Some people create home recording studios. To do this you need to sound-proof the room. The equipment in home recording studios will be much the same as that required by a professional studio and can be bought or rented.

Next time you insert a CD into your player give a thought to just how much has gone into producing that music.

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