Make Your Own Music CD for Musicians

Are ready to make your own CD? Consider what your goal is and this will help you decide what your budget, timeframe and so on should be.

There are different reasons as to why you would make a CD. A live demo CD is created to give a realistic representation of the music to a promoter or agent. Practise is therefore vital. You may be making a CD as a songwriter's demo. A Songwriter's demo showcases his/her art. As such the songwriter would use a good artist or band to perform the song when making a CD. Simplicity is the key. You want them to be able to imagine the song played in various ways. Pro or Semi-pro CDs are a collection of original songs and maybe a cover or two. Planning is of the utmost importance.

After the music is recorded and mixed (the different parts are put together), it is mastered. When you make a CD, mastering involves balancing and polishing tonalities. Once you have recorded the music and edited it sufficiently you can write it to CD using CD burning software. Duplication of the CD is best done by a professional.

Part of making a CD is making your own CD cover. The cover design can be done by yourself or by a professional. The visual look of your CD may be just as important as the music.

The CD has been created and the CD cover is complete, now you can send it out as a demo, sell it or have a great launch party!

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