2008 CCTV MTV Music Honors

This year has been a big one for Beijing, China. The country certainly seems to know how to celebrate in style. First the Beijing Olympics absolutely dazzled audiences around the world with the jaw-dropping opening ceremony. Now the CCTV MTV Music Honors saw some 6,000 fans gather together to honor a number of top Asian musicians for their contributions to the music industry.

The 9th CCTV MTV Music Honors took place on Sunday, November 16 in Beijing, Mainland China. The event was jointly hosted by Vanness Wu, VJ JuJu (MTV China), Li Si Si (CCTV) and Ren Lu Yu (CCTV). It was somewhat unique with many traditional Chinese elements being incorporated into the event. The various hip hop performances that were put on for the audience saw both Taichi and the Beijing Opera cleverly infused with the modern dance and music styles, giving everything both a modern and traditional edge. This special blend made for a truly memorable evening. As is to be expected at such an event, there were live performances by a number of noteworthy artists, including Vanness Wu, Eason Chan, Big Mouth and Jolin Cai.

Some of the evening’s winners included Canto-pop singer Eason Chan, who received the award for Most Popular Male Artist of the year (mainland China), and singer/actress Karen Mok, who received the award for Most Popular Female Artists of the year (mainland China). Tan Jing made her way to the stage to collect the Best Female Artist of the year (mainland China) award while Wang Feng received the male counterpart to that award. Show Lo and Jolin Cai were chosen for the Most Popular Male and Female Artists of the year from Taiwan. Other winners included Joanna Wang (Most Popular New Female Artists of the year in Taiwan and Hong Kong), James Hsiao (Most Popular New Male Artists of the year), Soda Green (Most Popular Group of the year), Chen Hao (Most Popular Female Artist), Pang Long (Most Popular Male Artist), Yao Bei Na (Most Popular New Artist), Super Junior M (Best Group of the year) and Xu Wei (Best Album of the year).

Jacky Chan and Xiao Ke were also called to the stage to receive a Special Contribution to Music award for the work they did after the Sichuan earthquake and at the Beijing Olympics.