BBC Tops Live Radio

Marconi himself was associated with the establishment of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) in the 1920s. It does much more than broadcast music, and has spread from Britain to every part of the world. It is one of the defining phenomena of the 20th century, and continues to be a major force of public information and entertainment in our times. Why is it such an eminent choice for music lovers?

The BBC serves all music needs of anyone with a standard radio set or a broadband Internet connection. Its television coverage of music is relatively poor. The BBC is very strong in ethnic languages, and this dominates its FM offers in most of the U.K. and the former colonies of its home country. This really means that the Internet service of the BBC is its primary and biggest offer for international music lovers.

BBC’s Internet music service is a treat! You can log in and listen live at any time, wherever you may reside. A quick scan will keep you abreast of the latest in the entire world of music, though a bias for western genres cannot be denied. However, there are rich sections on major ethnic categories. The selection of Celtic music is exceptional, and the haunting melodies are certain to catch your ear, though you will probably not understand the words.

Regular browsers on the music site of the BBC will delight at the recordings which are available at clicks of the mouse whenever and as often as you like. The navigation is so easy, and you can go back and forth on tracks just like in the tape and CD days! Do make it a point to negotiate a special access and MB rate with your cable person, because the endless choices of top quality music could have you listening all day, and an enormous Internet bill at the end of the month! Your MP3 player could be under threat now that we can surf the web on our cell phones, so do take up whatever offer you may land at any auction!

Switching between music genres is a great way to relax, and music literacy is always a spell binding conversation topic. The BBC music (Radio) site on the Internet is a great way to listen to the widest variety of tunes, melodies, and rhythms, and it sure beats browsing endlessly through lesser quality Internet music sites!