Bono’s (RED) Charity behind New Online Music Service

Irish musician Bono of U2 fame is certainly no stranger to charity. The 48-year-old musician has been one of the most pro-active names in the industry when it comes getting involved and making a difference. It seems that Bono isn’t about to change this trend as his (RED) charity gets ready to launch a new music service that will ultimately help to generate funds for those afflicted by AIDS in Africa.

The move to create this new facet of the (RED) charity was announced during the course of a press release this Monday. Don MacKinnon, the President of (RED), explained that the new online music service would not only serve to benefit the charity, but also provide a service to the public. He noted that in the past (RED) products, which had been created by some of the world’s best brands, had been able to generate more than $10 million. This largely successful venture had gone a long way towards providing much-needed help all over the world and now it is time to apply the same concepts to music. According to MacKinnon, the (RED) music service will give fans the opportunity to receive great music from a number of amazing artists. The proceeds raised from this will then go towards lifesaving antiretroviral medication, which will be provided to a number of people in Africa who are already living with AIDS.

But exactly what will fans be getting for their money? According to organizers, the service will provide users with a weekly issue by email that features an exclusive song from a top artist, a song by an aspiring musician and the “Crackerjack surprise”, which is a piece of non-music content. However, perhaps the most heartwarming aspect of the weekly issue will be the feedback of how the (RED) funds have been used to help other people in need. All this will set the user back a mere $5 per a month – a small price to pay for helping thousands of individuals live long enough to see their children grow up.

Some 50 percent of the funds raised each month will go to the Global Fund to provide relief to those who cannot afford it. This will no doubt prove to be just the sort of financial boost that was needed by these services. Bono has commended MacKinnon for his concept and has said that it is the “penicillin the ailing music business needs.” Indeed, the new initiative will no doubt set a good example that other musicians will follow. More about the new proposal will be unveiled during the fall.