Depeche Mode Announce European Leg of Universe Tour

English band Depeche Mode has been around so long that there are few people today who don’t know about them. Despite their age, they continue to create catchy songs that sell well. Their sound is easily recognizable and laid-back. No wonder fans are getting excited about the fact that Depeche Mode has just announced the European leg of their ‘Tour of the Universe 2009’ tour.

Depeche Mode started life as an electronic music band in 1980. Looking back now it seems hard to believe that the band has been around so long. The original line-up for the group consisted of Dave Gahan (lead vocals), Andrew Fletcher (keyboards), Vince Clarke (keyboards, songwriter) and Martin Gore (keyboards, guitar, vocals, songwriter). After experiencing difficulties with more than one ‘fourth’member, the band slimmed down to just three members – Gahan, Gore and Fletcher. Today they are credited with being one of the most successful and influential bands – as well as one of the longest-lived – to have emerged during the New Romantic and New Wave eras. Their career hasn’t just been long; it’s been incredibly successful. The group has seen forty-five of their songs on the UK Singles Chart. They have also had one song on the US singles chart and as many as two UK number one albums. During the course of their long career, they’ve sold an estimated 75 million albums worldwide.

As with most tours, Depeche Mode’s new tour will be coinciding with the release of a new album. The band is currently working on their 12th album in New York. The album is expected to be complete by April next year – just days before the start of their tour. Depeche Mode is also known for being one of the world’s biggest and best live acts, so you can be sure that the ‘Tour of the Universe 2009’ will be worth seeing. This fantastic tour will be kicking off in Tel Aviv, Israel, on May 10th before making its way to Greece, Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and London. In June the band will move over to Germany, Italy, Belgium, Slovakia, Hungary, the Czech Republic, France and Denmark. July will be the last month of the European leg of the tour, with stops in Norway, Sweden and Portugal. In total the group will be playing in live shows in 28 different cities in 22 different countries. Their last tour in 2006 saw 1.8 million tickets sold for the 87 shows. This time around, the response is expected to be even better with 1.3 millions fans getting ready to make the most of a much shorter tour. Book your tickets now to make sure that you don’t miss out!