Gabriella Cilmi: Australia’s New Pop Diva

She’s still young but it seems that Gabriella Cilmi has already achieved the sort of dream that most musicians will spend a lifetime trying to fulfill; having just turned seventeen, Cilmi is Australia’s newest pop diva. Her debut single “Sweet about Me”, as well as her first album “Lessons To Be Learned”, have topped the charts all over the world turning her into an international icon in a matter of months.

At the tender age of seventeen, it seems that Gabriella Cilmi already has it all. She may not be old enough to vote or drive a car but she already has a very a successful music career. In fact after just five years of working in the music industry she recently stepped up to collect six ARIA Awards at the Acer Arena in Sydney last weekend. Her face has since been plastered all over media outlets across the country and it seems her popularity and fame are uncontested. But the pop world is fickle, and while it may not be too difficult to enjoy a fleeting moment of success, it is much harder to make a career out of it. Many are all too ready to argue that there is no way a person this young has what it takes to keep the ball rolling. But when one considers the Melbourne singer’s complete ease on the stage during her acceptance speeches, you catch a glimpse of a person that is possibly much more mature on the inside than she appears on the outside. Accepting an award to the applause of 10,000 people would have most people completely flummoxed, but it seems that Cilmi felt completely at ease – as if this was just another facet of everyday life.

According to Cilmi, creating a future in the music industry is what she wants to do. She said: “It comes really natural to me. And it’s the only thing that comes really natural to me. I feel comfortable doing it.” When you take her level-headed, determined approach to her career and combine it with her soulful voice, you get an unbeatable combination that is sure to remain in the spotlight for at least a few more years. No doubt Gabriella Cilmi will continue to turn heads as she moves forward in her chosen profession.