Get Ready For The 2008 Audioscope Festival!

The annual Audioscope Festival is not just an opportunity to hear great music – it’s a chance to do some good in the process. The all-day event is designed to raise funds for Shelter, the UK’s national housing and homelessness charity. This year’s Audioscope Festival main event will take place on Saturday, November 15, at The Jericho in Oxford. Additional Audioscope shows will take place on November 6 and 10.

Since it’s inception in 2001, Audioscope has already raised over £17,000 for Shelter by means of live music events. They always strive to present the best in both local and national independent music, giving these artists a chance to shine and giving fans something to look forward to. The hot act for the 2008 Audioscope Festival is US electronica star Kid606. The San Diego phenomenon has quite a reputation for creating some of the most exciting and influential electronic music available. Kid606 will be flying in especially to play at the annual event, doing a once-off UK performance. Boxcutter will also be at the festival. Boxcutter is one of the most influential figures when it comes to UK dubstep and fans will no doubt be really excited to see them. That F***ing Tank, a band based in Leeds, has a reputation for not only being confrontational but also being incredibly energetic. Fans can no doubt look forward to a lively performance from them. Another band worth seeing is Oscillation who take pop songs and expansive psychedelic freakouts and give them a noteworthy hard edge. The full line up for the show is as follows: Kid606, Boxcutter, That F***ing Tank, The Oscillation, Soeza, Witches, Hey Colossus, The Workhouse, You Animals and Sunnyvale Noise Sub-element.

The highlight of the 10 November performances is US math-rock pioneers Don Caballero, who will be performing at The Regal. The Cellar will be the feature act on November 6, and they will be joined by a new band called From Light To Sound. Tickets for the big event on November 15 are already on sale and really good value for money. If you’re not the kind of person who likes to book in advance, you’ll be happy to know that tickets will also be available at the door for a slightly higher price. The event will run from 13:00 to 0:00. Make sure that you don’t miss out on this great event!