Graceland: The Home of The King – Musicians

Few entertainers evoke the American spirit more than Elvis Presley does. Having helped to establish the era of Rock ‘n Roll, Elvis has become an icon in the world of music who did everything on a grand scale. Graceland, the home he built, is an example of his passion for life.

Built in the 1950’s, Graceland was home to Elvis and his family until his death in 1977. During the family’s time in the home, he would become the symbol of American music and amass a collection of memorabilia that has set the standard for flamboyance.

In 1982, Graceland was opened to the public and thousands of his fans visit this home every year. On the anniversary of his death, in January, over 40,000 visitors will pay their respects to this true musical legend.

On the expansive grounds, one can tour the home and see the many artifacts collected in his life. There are the many gold and platinum records, his fleet of cars and airplanes and of course his famous jumpsuits that represent his time in Las Vegas. As you tour the home, you will be lead to his entertainment room with its customized billiard table, the three television sets that are tuned to the latest sporting event and finally to his grave site that holds the most photographed head stone in America.

Book your travel plans early because the areas hotels are filled often and early. For those who are looking to experience the true Elvis spirit, reserve your tickets for Elvis week. The event takes place every August in celebration of the King’s birthday and will not be missed by any Elvis Fan. For those with a romantic spirit, look into booking your wedding at the Chapel in The Woods. This will make for a truly memorable event.

Remember to wear those Blue Suede Shoes, don the Seguin jumpsuit, and walk the grounds of the American castle that is Graceland.