Happy 60th Fender! – Musicians

Sixty years ago Leo Fender started the electric revolution in the music industry with his first amplifier. Soon after came the single coil guitar that would transform the music beyond its acoustic realm. With this invention Mr. Fender started a nightmare of sound for parents everywhere that still lasts today.

By tinkering in his small shed that was behind his radio repair shop, Leo Fender devised a way for musical instruments to be heard the way they should be heard: LOUD! With the likes of Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck and countless other rock music legends playing his most famous invention the Stratocaster, Fender guitars have become the weapon of choice for the guitar virtuoso.

It would be hard to imagine music today without this guitar or the many other styles that this company has produced over the years. Surf music was based solely on the various Fender guitars of the era. Models like the Stratocaster and the Jaguar were used by Dick Dale and the band The Ventures for the big sound that these guitars created. Many say that it is hard to tame a Fender beast, but once you lay your hands upon her and with proper practice you can create something that is as unique as Leo Fender’s first vision; music that one can be proud of at a decibel it should be heard.

Lets all raise a glass to that man from Southern California and his company that has produced the best instrument of the modern era. Happy 60th Fender. Can’t wait to see what you do with the next 60!