Independent Artist Registry – Take Your Music to the Next Level

Independent artists in the United States can make use of an innovative concept to promote their music to the top 100 record labels, as well as to thousands of music industry professionals. The Independent Artist Registry is a national talent scouting and referral service for the most promising undiscovered musicians who are ready to take the step of promoting their sound to the listening public.

With the knowledge that members can’t buy their way into the Independent Artist Registry, but are judged on their talent and potential to succeed, music professionals have come to rely on the Independent Artist Registry to introduce up-and-coming musicians to the professional music industry.

Each submission to the Independent Artist Registry is given a detailed critique based on the artist’s music, website, press kit and professionalism. Under the music category, five songs are evaluated by a music producer with 20 years experience in the music industry. The critique focuses on content, production, melody, lyrics, hooks, composition and mix. The critique includes a breakdown of each song and suggestions for improvement. The press kit is evaluated by a professional in the music industry who has experience as an artist, reporter and publicist. The kit’s content, ease of use, aesthetics, continuity and expectations are examined and suggestions for improvement are made. Using music industry standards as a basis, the artist’s website is evaluated and detailed in a comprehensive report. Each artist who submits their material also receives a free membership to Broadjam – an international web community dedicated to musicians, their friends and their fans.

Artists who are accepted as members of the Independent Artist Registry receive a number of additional benefits, including a one year endorsement deal, a dedicated member page, an artist listing together with a photo in the Music Phone Book, promotion of their artist summary to appropriate record labels and publishing houses, and a premium Broadjam membership. The Independent Artist Registry will also draft a press release on behalf of the new member, and send it out to thousands of reporters and media outlets. The top artist in each genre receives an IndiE Award from the Independent Artist Registry that, in addition to membership privileges, includes an article in a national music industry magazine, as well as having their CD sent to top record labels.

In the interests of promoting the potential of promising musicians, the Independent Artist Registry arranges artist development workshops with David Codr. The creator and publisher of the Music Phone Book, David Codr has carved a name for himself in the music industry over the past 20 years and is well qualified to steer new talent in the right direction.

In today’s fast moving world, the Independent Artist Registry uses the latest in technology to offer musicians the opportunity to connect with the people who can make a difference in their music careers.