Laurie Takes On Music Industry

Born on 11 June 1959, James Hugh Calum Laurie is better known for his Emmy nominated role as Dr. Gregory House, but has a musical side that the public is only now beginning to see. As an actor, Hugh Laurie has excelled on various levels, enjoying numerous Emmy nominations and winning two Golden Globes. Now he has decided to take on the music industry, with an opportunity that was offered to him and one that he is extremely excited about, namely recording an album inspired by New Orleans songs with Warner Music Entertainment.

Over and above appearing in music videos by Kate Bush and Annie Lennox, Laurie is an accomplished guitarist and pianist, and once commented during an interview that music is his way of escaping, saying: “I can sit at my piano for what seems like five minutes, but when I look at the clock it’s three in the morning.” He has also written his own songs and recorded a number of them. Hugh Laurie also belonged to a band with Sophie Elton and Lenny Henry, called Poor White Trash, where he played the keyboards. Laurie was also quoted saying that Muddy Waters was the artist that has had the most meaning to him, and he grew up listening to the legendary musician’s music.

Speaking to the press after the announcement was made about his new album, Laurie admitted that he knew the history of actors trying their hand at music was risky, but promised that “no one will get hurt” during his musical effort. It is the ideal opportunity for Laurie to share his musical talent with the world, recording in a genre he enjoys and expressing himself through his music. Joe Henry was approached to produce the new album, and has previously worked with top recording artists such as Teddy Thompson, Madonna and Elvis Costello. Hugh Laurie also contributed to the latest Meat Loaf album, Hang Cool Teddy Bear, and is a part of a band, Band From TV, that is a celebrity charity group.

Recording for the new album will start in summer, and fans are as excited about the album as Hugh Laurie himself. It is a wonderful opportunity to showcase the talents of this successful and legendary actor.