Madness Returns with Madstock

Fans of the music group Madness will be happy to know that this pop group will be returning to London’s East End soon. The group, which many see as being English Pop Royalty, will be bringing Madstock to Victoria Park on Friday July 17, 2009.

Madness originated in Camden Town, London, in 1976. They quickly became a massive success, enjoying the most popularity in the 1980s when they competed with UB40 for the top spot on the UK singles charts for 514 weeks. Ever since then they have been recognized as being an excellent band and they have accumulated fans across the globe. Despite having been around for such a long period of time, it seems the pop/ska band has stood the test of time and all seven members of the band have been continuing to perform with the band as of 2008. With a full crew back in action, the East End event will mark the first new century Madstock performance. It is a follow on to their 2008 Christmas tour, which was sold out and which garnered them the distinction of having the ‘longest run of classic singles of any band since the 60s’ – a title bestowed on them by the Guardian. Many will argue that this band is an important part of music band history in the UK and that it is the most deserving of a place in Britain’s treasured musical archive. Perhaps nothing illustrates the role they have played in the lives of British music lovers than this: more than 30 years since Madness released its debut album, the seven members of the group continue to be a vital part of the country’s culture.

The upcoming Madstock performance will be a chance to hear, not only old classics, but also brand new tracks from the soon-to-be-released new Madness album. The new album will be entitled ‘The Liberty Of Norton Folgate’ and will hopefully be released in May later this year. It is the first album to be released by the band since ‘Wonderful’ (1999), and will no doubt continue to enthrall fans as the new tracks make their way into the hearts of millions. Fans looking to attend the concert will find that tickets are going for £35 and they can be purchased from the band’s official sight.