Matchbox Twenty: Always a following

Matchbox Twenty is an example of a band that has always had some sort of following, even when they were not a critical success. The band came out of the alternative, grunge-era music that was prominent in the early 90’s, and have achieved worldwide commercial success.

Rob Thomas, the lead singer, went from band to band before settling in Orlando. There, he met Brian Yale and Paul Doucette, and eventually formed Matchbox twenty. Once Kyle Cook joined in the bad, they began touring and eventually signed up with a subsidiary of Atlantic records.

When their first album, Yourself or Someone Like You, was released in 1996, it was barely noticed. When the single “Push” was released, the band soon received a lot of attention. Critics who said that band was a certain one-hit wonder were proven wrong as a continuous string of hits followed including “3 A.M.”, “Back 2 Good”, and “Real World”.

Rob Thomas achieved more success for the group when he sang the vocals for “Smooth”, a song from Carlos Santana’s comeback album of 1999. The song was a major hit, and set the momentum for their second album, Mad Season, which was full of hits including “Bent” and “If You’re Gone”. They have continued their success with their third album, More Than You Think You Are, containing hits like “Disease” and “Unwell”. The future of the group remains uncertain, with Rob Thomas cutting his own solo album.