Molly Hatchett Set to Re-take the South – Musicians

When the self-titled, platinum-selling, debut album of Molly Hatchett hit the streets in 1978, the timing seemed right for a southern rock and roll band that rocked every musical convention known up to that time to its foundations. Simply put, nothing like this had ever been heard before. Formed in 1975, the group’s lineup featured three guitarists — Dave Hlubek, Steve Holland, and Duane Roland — plus vocalist Danny Joe Brown, bassist Banner Thomas, and drummer Bruce Crump. The band’s multi-platinum follow-up, Flirtin’ With Disaster, sold over two million copies. The group’s third effort, Beatin’ the Odds sold only a fraction of the others, no doubt to the gap left when vocalist Danny Joe Brown left the group.

Brown rejoined the band in 1982 and the band produced a new album with a “new sound” entitled No Guts…No Glory (they might have wanted to add the phrase “No Sales”). Another album in 1985, The Deed is Done seemed to stray farther from their unique sound. After a 1985 live album, Molly Hatchet return with a 10th anniversary effort entitled Lightning Strikes Twice. Dismal sales were the result and the band broke up and went their separate ways.

Like so many bands before them, they re-united in the mid-90’s. Apparently, the 10-year hiatus served to accentuate the good and put some distance between the bad, and suddenly Molly Hatchet was hotter than ever. Tearing up the concert trail as an active touring outfit, they have enjoyed one of rock and roll’s more successful reunions. Several albums of new material and live events followed, culminating in the critically acclaimed release of their 2005 album Warriors of the Rainbow Bridge.

As the band heads into the halfway point of 2006, Molly Hatchett is gearing up for the first leg of their 20th Anniversary Tour. Not bad for a band named after a legendary Southern prostitute who allegedly beheaded and mutilated her clients!

Included among the many locations pegged for Molly Hatchett’s world tour is the Sweden RockFest 2006 in Solvesborg, Sweden on June 10th, the U.S. Marine Bayfest Hawaii 2006 on July 3rd in KANEOHE BAY – OAHU, Hawaii, and the London International Blues Festival in London Ontario on July 14th.

After the conclusion of their 20th Anniversary Tour, Molly Hatchett will be returning to the recording studio to record and produce another album.