MTV Video Music Award Winners

Every year hundreds of top music celebrities gather for one of the most fun music ceremonies around: the MTV Video Music Awards. This year was no different, with all the top names in the business making sure that they were at this premier event.

Few people realize that the MTV Video Music Awards have been around for more than twenty years. Established in 1984 by MTV, the MTV Video Music Awards were designed to celebrate the top music videos of the year. Today they are bigger and better than ever imagined and they are presented annually all over the United States. The entire ceremony is broadcast live on MTV and the nominees are usually a selection of the most popular music videos played on MTV Since July 1 that year. The 2008 MTV Video Music Awards were hosted at the Paramount Pictures Studios in Hollywood, Los Angeles, on September 7th. Russell Brand entertained guests with his wit as he hosted the ceremony, while celebrities from music, television, sport and cinema also attended.

Britney Spears has not only made a massive comeback onto the music scene this year, but she managed to claim three of the eight MTV Video Music Awards – all for the same music video. Her video for ‘Piece of Me’ won Video Of The Year, Best Female Video and Best Pop Video. She was the only artist to win more than one award. Chris Brown won the Best Male Video award for his music video ‘With You’, while Linkin Park won Best Rock Video for ‘Shadow Of The Day’. There wasn’t much doubt that Lil’ Wayne would be leaving with a little keepsake after a great year in the industry. He took the Best Hip-Hop Video award for ‘Lollipop’. Best Dancing In A Video was won by the ever-limbre Pussycat Dolls with their video for ‘When I Grow Up’, while the striking new Tokio Hotel took the trophy for Best New Artist.

All the award winners were presented with a statuette of an astronaut on the moon, one of MTV’s earliest symbols. Of course there was plenty of live acts at the event and those that were present made the most of this absolutely fantastic annual event.