Music Industry Trusts Award Honors Annie Lennox

The Music Industry Trusts Award has selected Annie Lennox as the recipient of its 22nd award, saluting her noteworthy contribution to British music and her outstanding work as a philanthropist. Its involvement in charity work sets the Music Industry Trusts Award apart from other awards in the music industry and recipients of the award are chosen for both their musical achievements and their commitment to bettering the lives of others. With more than a thousand guests attending the annual awards gala dinner, considerable funds are raised for the BRIT Trust and Nordoff Robbins.

Building on the knowledge that everyone, irrespective of physical or mental limitations, responds to music, Nordoff Robbins uses creative music therapy to assist individuals battling with emotional and behavioral difficulties, by developing social and communication skills and increase self-esteem, creativity and confidence. The organization conducts more than 50,000 music therapy sessions each year at day centers, care homes, hospitals, schools and at its various centers. Regulated by the Health and Care Professions Council and represented by the British Association for Music Therapy, trained therapists work with individuals with autism, dementia, learning difficulties, social and emotional difficulties and various mental health problems, with sessions tailor-made to help each individual gain the most from therapy.

The BRIT Trust (British Record Industry Trust) represents the fund-raising efforts of the music industry, ensuring the distribution of funds to legitimate and worthy charities. One of the charities receiving support in 2013 is WarChild International, an organization engaged in helping children and young people devastated by armed conflict in many regions around the world. With UNICEF reporting that in the last decade more than 10 million children were traumatized by war, clearly there is a great need for this type of humanitarian charity.

Annie Lennox has been a long-time public supporter of both Greenpeace and Amnesty International. She is a vocal supporter of numerous HIV/AIDS projects and established The SING Campaign raising funds to help prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS in South Africa – a project that was inspired by her involvement in Nelson Mandela’s 46664 AIDS awareness campaign in 2007. Her humanitarian works are too extensive to mention here, but certainly Annie Lennox is a worthy recipient of the 22nd Music Industry Trusts Award.