New Hendrix Documentary

Jimi Hendrix was born on 27 November 1942, James Marshall Hendrix, and is a name in the music industry that is still remembered and honored till today. His influence on many artists who came after him was invaluable, as well as his ability to perform in a variety of genres. Hendrix was a talented singer, songwriter and guitarist, but had also mastered percussion, keyboards and drums. Most consider Jimi Hendrix to be the best electric guitarist who ever lived, and this year, a documentary will be released with some never-before-seen footage that depicts the life of this iconic artist.

Experience Hendrix is an organization that is run by Janie Hendrix, Jimi’s half sister. She expressed her excitement over the documentary and commented that “There were about four cameras that followed Jimi and the guys around in Europe and filmed the two concerts at the Royal Albert Hall, as well as them coming off trains, planes and automobiles, signing autographs, Jimi backstage getting ready, in his apartment doing little apartment jams with his friends and then later playing the Speakeasy. It’s not an actor playing Jimi; it’s Jimi, and he really does forget the cameras are rolling and you see those sides of him, the stage and the sweetness with different girlfriends — there’s several that are in the film — and how he was around friends and how he was really into listening to the night before’s performance.”

The documentary centers around his concerts that were held at the Royal Albert Hall in London in 1969, and gives fans an intimate look into the daily life of Jimi Hendrix on and off stage. A soundtrack will also be released, and Janie Hendrix hopes to release the documentary on pay-per-view, theatrically and on DVD.

Also worth noting is that next month fans and collectors will the able to get their hands on one of Jimi Hendrix’s guitars, as it will be on auction. Projects for 2012 are already underway by the Experience Hendrix. They want to complete a film on his 1968 stage performances to pay tribute to Jimi Hendrix on what would have been his seventieth birthday. But until then, fans can look forward to this new release, and enjoy their icon like they have never been able to before.