New Models of the Rich and Famous

Large headphones and tiny MP3 players are signs that you have arrived! The rich and famous love to make an impression with their music, though we might not know their favorite tunes! Perhaps they use music to shut out the rest of the world, especially adoring fans, even when they appear in public for fleeting moments. Manufacturers have latched on to the trend and offer players and cell phones with exaggerated signs of opulence.

A metallic finish looks classy, especially in a dark color, though it may be more difficult to grip. Women can find colorful and embroidered cases in which to house such elegant players. Some of these models have poor memories compared to their price tags, but who is to ask such questions? The brand name matters, though most top models have them displayed only very discreetly. Owners have to fiddle with them frequently to make sure that onlookers get the message! However, a sure way to make an impression at first glance, is to wear eye glasses with the MP3 player parts built on to the spectacle frame. Now there is a new way of looking at things and listening to music at the same time!

There are other models which are not just more reasonably priced, but which also have advanced features which you can use. A video player which can pick up video and music directly from your TV set saves time, and increases the range of things you can collect for later listening pleasure. Some models let you carry your favorite digital images, and photographs of special people can certainly make your day. The size of your video screen makes an obvious difference.

The music download market is on the move, and new innovations make their ways to retail shelves every week. Some features make live better for serious music lovers, while others are just fashion statements with huge tabs to match. Ah well, to each his or her own! One thing is for sure through all this-listening to music keeps getting better, so sit back and enjoy!