N’Faly Releases New Album and Tour Dates

Though he has been around for some time already, not everyone may know of N’Faly or have heard his incredible music. The musician, singer and composer is perhaps better known for his former work as a member of the group Afro Celt Sound System (Afrocelts) than he his for his current work – but with a sound as unique and distinguished as his, that surely wont be the case for much longer.

N’Faly Kouyate recently released his second album titled ‘Tunya’ in which he manages to effortlessly merge African rhythms with string arrangements, African choirs, instrumental improvisations and electronic sounds. The album is a follow-up to his 2004 debut album ‘Kora Grooves’, which was recorded with his band Dunyankan. In ‘Tunya’, N’Faly tells a number of stories from his African home. There are also stories about the unchanging nature of fate. These are delicately and beautifully put across with the help of an inspiring mixture of musical styles through which N’Faly is trying to communicate his concept of ‘World Music’.

For those of us who are still trying to figure out who N’Faly is, the Guinean kora and balafon musician was born into a highly celebrated family of griots of the Manding people. He was trained according to the traditional custom from an early age and also managed to perform with the University Troupe of Conakry when he was older. All the while he was exposed and open to various styles of western music, such as Jazz, Classical, Rock and Hip-Hop. His rise to fame started in the UK in 1997 when he became a member of the Afrocelts. The band’s album ‘Release’ (1999) was incredibly successful and was nominated for a Grammy award, as was their third album ‘Further in Time’ (2001). He has since toured the world with Afrocelt and has become widely known across the UK.

In conjunction with the release of his new album, N’Faly is currently touring Europe and the UK with his group Dunyakan. His next big date is August 13 when he will be playing at the Durham Gala in Durham. That will be followed shows at the Spilsby Theatre in Lincolnshire (Aug 14), the Brodstairs Folk Week Festival in Broadstairs (Aug 15), the Ethno residency camp in Whitby (Aug 16-23), the Aldershot Festival in Hampshire (Sep 18), the Knockengorroch Festival in Scotland (Sep 19), the Westport Arts Festival in Ireland (Oct 11) and the Waterford Festival in Ireland (October 26). The tour will end at Pontardawe Arts Center in South Wales on October 28.