Paul Weller Takes Uncut Award

Paul Weller, a well known songwriter and singer, was up against nominees such as Gaslight Anthem, Arcade Fire, Joanna Newsom and the Gorillaz for the prestigious Uncut Music Award, but his latest album, Wake Up The Nation, was able to swing the votes in his favor. The winner of the Uncut Music Award is chosen by a panel of judges, which this year included broadcasters, members from other bands, musicians and music executives. With years of experience behind him and a new album that is fresh and innovative, Paul Weller most certainly deserved the recognition.

Born John William Weller in Sheerwater, England, on 25 May 1958, Paul Weller grew up to the sounds of The Beatles and various other bands of the day, all of which inspired his love for music. At the age of eleven, he started to learn the guitar and his passion for music was evident from this tender age. Weller, with his father as manager, started the band The Jam in 1972, with band members Steve Brookes, Rick Buckler and Dave Waller. Waller was replaced by Bruce Foxton soon after the band was formed. They began playing in small clubs, doing cover versions of songs and a few songs that were written by Weller. In 1976 Brookes made the decision to leave the band and Weller became the lead singer. In 1989, after changes to the band and members leaving, Weller was left on his own. He decided to take 1990 off to review his options and his music direction. He came back to the music scene in 1991 as a solo artist and from there his career took off with albums such as Wild Mood, Illumination, As Is Now and Wake Up The Nation.

Allan Jones, Uncut Magazine editor, said that recognition was due to Paul Weller, and spoke about the award winner to the press, saying: “The eventual winner, after an epic discussion, was an album that united both long-term fans among the judges and others of us who had previously been more skeptical. So congratulations to Paul Weller, whose brilliant ‘Wake Up The Nation’ was the sound of a great artist in the form of his life, absolutely aflame with ideas.” Paul Weller gave praise to his producer and co-writer, Simon Dine, as he put forward numerous ideas and tracks which made the album the success it has become. For Paul Weller fans, the 2010 Uncut Music Award is yet another tribute to Weller’s extraordinary talent and his contributions to the music industry.