Pearl Jam Performing at Neil Young Event

The world famous band Pearl Jam was established in 1990 in Washington, and took the music industry by storm with the release of their first album named Ten. Their dedication to retaining their unique sound and not following the example set by the mainstream has earned them as much criticism in the past as it has fame and fortune. But they have outlasted most bands in the industry and as a part of their twenty year anniversary they will be attending the annual Bridge School Benefit Concert, hosted by Neil Young, in celebration of their achievement.

Neil Young has a been a wonderful contributor to the music industry since embarking on his solo career in 1960, and has enjoyed more than fifty years as a successful musician. Being accomplished in a variety of musical instruments has earned him the right to be called one of the most diverse artists of our time. The Bridge School Benefit concert was established to raise much needed funds for children suffering from complex communication disabilities and extreme physical impairments, who are able to receive the care and assistance they need through fund-raising events, such as the benefit concert. Neil Young’s dedication to this charity has brought recognition and awareness to the work done and complicated needs of these children, and Pearl Jam has decided that there is no better way to celebrate their twentieth anniversary than at the Bridge School Benefit Concert.

The concert will be held on the 23rd and 24th of October 2010, and as yet, only Pearl Jam and Neil Young have confirmed their attendance. It is expected that the venue will again be the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View. The first time Pearl Jam attended this magnificent event was in 1992, and they have lent their talents to the fund-raiser eight times. Stone Gossard was quoted saying: “The only thing we’ve got going on in October is Bridge School, which is really special. So that’s our 20th anniversary, which is fitting. It’s perfect: not too blown up. It’s not about us, it about all those kids that are on stage with you and about Neil Young and his commitment, his influence.”