Raising Funds to Record a CD Made Easy

For any musician, the most difficult hurdles to overcome when wanting to carve a career for themselves is to record a CD and gain exposure. Building up a fan base to purchase the CD is essential, and that takes promotion. As many struggling musicians discover, it takes money to promote and to record their songs. Fortunately, a few music lovers have taken their knowledge of the music industry, business experience and vision for the future, combined it into a useful tool for musicians and opened an alternative door for new musicians.

This new and innovative way to promote new bands and musicians is done through a website. To explain how the websites work, we have chosen a site named Sellaband as an example. Three music fanatics, namely Pim Betist, Johan Vosmeijer and Dagmar Heijmans, created Sellaband in 2006. Their goal was to invite artists and bands to promote themselves on their website and to earn enough money to be able to record their debut albums in a professional recording studio with the assistance of a producer. There is absolutely no sign-up fee involved for the band, so they basically have nothing to loose.

How it works is quite ingenious. The band is able to upload some of their music onto the website. Site browsers and music enthusiasts who are searching for something new and exciting will be able to access the songs and information from the website. If someone likes one of the songs that they have heard and believe that the band or artists has the potential to make it in the music industry, they are asked to make a US$10 donation to the band and their song. This donation makes the user a ‘Believer’ and means that they have purchased a part of the song.

What does the Believer get from the deal? Firstly, they are able to say that they have invested in the future of the band. For the band to be able to record their CD, they need to receive US$50 000 from Believers. After the CD has been recorded, each Believer will be sent a copy of the CD. Then the CD will be uploaded under the profile of the band or artist, with three songs available for free downloads and the rest can be downloaded at a minimal fee. Believers also receive a percentage of the profit that is made on the CD. The artists also receive a percentage from the advertising revenue and most of the proceeds from the album sales. One year after the release of their album, the artists are given back the rights to their album and are free to pursue their dreams.

The sites, such as Sellaband, do not offer recording contracts, as their sole purpose is to promote new bands and help them get off the ground. This way, artists are not bound to legal contracts or boxed in. They would have received the necessary help they needed and everyone involved benefits from the site. Thousands of bands have signed up with these websites, and bands and artists such as Second Person, Nemesea, Vegas Dragons, Lily, Mandyleigh Storm, Clemence, Julia Marcell and Cubworld have already reaped the benefits. It is a remarkably useful and helpful way of promoting and raising funds that every new and upcoming artist should look into.