Rick Wright of Pink Floyd Passes Away

After a long and successful career as both a musician and the keyboardist for Pink Floyd, Rick Wright passed away in Britain at age 65 on September 15, 2008, after a short and unfortunate battle with cancer.

Rick Wright was born in Middlesex, England, on July 28, 1943. In 1965 he attended architecture school where he met up with Roger Waters and Nick Mason and formed Sigma 6. A short while later the trio was joined by Syd Barrett, the band’s name was changed to Pink Floyd and music history was created. Rick Wright is credited (along with Syd Barrett) as being one of the main driving creative forces behind the band’s psychedelic rock phase. For many years Rick Wright was heavily involved in the songwriting process – something which didn’t change when Barrett was replaced by David Gilmour as a songwriter and band member in 1968. Unfortunately tension between Wright and Waters continued to plague the band and so, while Pink Floyd was reaching the height of its success, Waters tried to fire Wright, which didn’t work but resulted in Wright not appearing on the album “The Final Cut”, which was produced in 1983. However, his disappearance proved to be short lived, with Waters quitting soon after the album was released and Wright returning to Pink Floyd. He continued to work with Mason and Gilmour for the final two albums that the band produced.

In his later years he joined fellow band member Gilmour as part of his live band when Gilmour embarked on his “On An Island” tour and released a solo album. The entire band, including Waters, was reunited in 2005 to play at the Live 8 concert in London for the first time in 24 years. For fans of the band, it was a memorable moment that won’t be easily forgotten. Waters, Wright, Gilmour and Mason went on to play together on a number of other occasions, including at Barrett’s memorial service in 2007. While Pink Floyd played a major role in Wright’s life, he also enjoyed a brief solo career, which saw the release of two solo albums, namely “Wet Dream” and “Broken China”. The legendary musician will remembered fondly by family and fans.