South Park Music Tour 2008

One of the biggest music events to take place in Colorado this year is the 2008 South Park Music Tour. Presented by McGoon Productions, this massive music tour and music industry conference takes place in historic South Park each year. This year fans will be able to see more than 70 bands taking to the stage to strut their stuff over a period of four days. There will be music from virtually all music genres and you will be able to enjoy Indie, Metal, Alternative, Emo, Country, Rock, Blues, Jazz, Americana, Blue Grass, Hip-Hop, Funk, Reggae and much more.

There will be ten different stages where artists can perform for fans as well as more than fifty different arts, crafts and food vendors. The festive atmosphere is very enjoyable and many music lovers find that this is a great place to meet people as well as enjoy one of the biggest and most diverse music line-ups in the country. The tour is so big, in fact, that it attracts an average of 5 000 people every day! What’s more, the tour is free to the public so can make the most of this spectacular annual event. Fairplay, where South Park is located, is an incredibly beautiful area with striking mountains towering above the festivities at a whopping 14 000ft. The area is situated just 65 miles from Denver and most people make the drive to this spectacular site with pleasure. This years South Park Music Tour will take place on June 26 to 29. You might find it helps to get there early if you want to make the most of the festivities.

But the South Park Music Tour is not just for fans. It is also about musicians and is the perfect place for musicians and groups to gain recognition and learn more about their craft. Friday, June 27, will provide the perfect opportunity for aspiring artists to learn more about branding, reaching their audience, touring, getting their music onto radio, TV and film, signing a record deal and more. Industry professionals from several world-renowned record and entertainment labels will be there, so musicians can make the most of the day and do some amazing, potentially career-altering networking. Saturday, June 28, will also be a great day for musicians as the songwriting camp will give composers and song writers the opportunity to get valuable feedback and improve their work. The Songsalaive! Camp will also provide the chance for some musical collaboration and will generally be an enjoyable event.

So whether you are a musicians or just a music lover, make sure that you get down to the South Park Music Tour and make the most of this spectacular annual event!