Take A Minute World Tour

The well known band Smokie was established in the year 1965. Even though they released albums, it wasn’t until 1975, with the release of Changing All The Time, that they found the stardom they had been yearning for. Two of the biggest hits from this album, namely Don’t Play Your Rock n Roll to Me and If You Think You Know How To Love Me, are still enjoyed today. The band stayed active over the years, with a few changes in band members, and is now getting ready for their Take A Minute World Tour to promote their latest album.

Living Next Door To Alice hit the charts in 1976 and songs that followed, such as Lay Back In The Arms Of Someone, saw to it that Smokie sold millions of albums worldwide. The original band was made up of Alan Barton, Terry Uttley, Alan Silson, Martin Bullard and Steve Pinnell. A tragic accident in 1995 brought about the passing of Alan Barton, who was replaced by Mike Craft. In 1996 Alan Silson left the band to be replaced by Mick McConnall.

In 2010 the band released Take A Minute on which fans will eventually find out what became of one of the characters in Living Next Door To Alice, the new hit Sally’s Song. The new album is to be promoted through the Take A Minute World Tour, which will kick off at the Anette Fox Charity Ball in Bradford on 4 February 2011. The band will remain on tour until early December. The music tour will include the United Kingdom, Greenland, Switzerland, Poland, Russia, Czech Republic, South Africa, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Romania, Denmark and Norway. Greenland, Poland and Russia will be visited in February and March, with the Czech Republic and South Africa getting their turn in March and April.

Their previous tour to South Africa was such a major success that they have dedicated six concert dates to the country. Other countries such as Norway, Russia, Denmark and Poland also have more than two concert dates available. Smokie will be performing live in front of thousands of fans, and will be singing some of their older classics as well as releases from their new album. This tour is gearing up to be extremely memorable.