The Music House Museum’s Spectacular Collection

Lovers of music simply have to make their way to the Music House Museum in Acme, Michigan. This fantastic museum displays an exquisite collection of musical instruments over the ages. It brings music-making devices from the far flung corners of the globe together at one delightful location so that music lovers can learn all about these items with ease.

Displayed in turn-of-the-century settings that perfectly suit the nature of the museum, the instruments form part of a unique and rare antique collection. Musical instruments or music-making machines from 1870 to 1930 have been carefully collected, restored and preserved for display at this ideal location in mid-western state. Some of the pieces are incredibly ornate, while others are more practical in nature. Walking through the museum is like taking a trip back in time and you half expect to see stocking-clad men with their embellished frock coats and delicately dressed ladies in all their finery walking about amongst the instruments.

Some of the instruments on display are incredibly unique, such as the Belgian dance organ and Wurlitzer Theatre Organ. Visitors can also expect to see music boxes, pipe organs and nickelodeons, among other things. A musical tour of the museum lasts approximately one hour and your tour guide will explain and demonstrate all the unique instruments found in this brilliant collection.

Once you have finished the tour you can indulge in a spot of shopping at the Music House Museum Store or Lobby Gift Shop. Or you can enjoy peering into the windows of the newly added scale-model of Traverse City. Groups of school students are welcomed and tours are specially organized for them, while adults can make the most of the wonderfully grand air of the museum by hiring it as a venue for any number of special occasions. The museum also regularly hosts a number of special events that music enthusiasts will no doubt delight to attend.

So why waste another minute? Book your ticket or even become a member and enjoy all the perks that go with this special privilege. Visit the Music House Museum today and rediscover our wonderful, global musical heritage for yourself.